Sorry I fell off the face of the Earth there.  Lemme give a quick update to my house heating situation.  It’s gone way beyond a busted gas valve.

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It’s been a little while, Catherine, but I’m back. Heat is still not on, but we have acquired a gas valve to fix it, and I’ve also enrolled in a repair plan to get it fixed. It will be another few days before it gets fixed, but Franny and I are dealing with it. Not too cold in here.
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I woke up on Tuesday, and foolishly decided to examine my heater. It was cold in the house, and the two lines on the thermostat seemed to be making no effort to meet each other. Last year around this time, I discovered that someone had turned off my heater at the switch in the basement, thus no heat. I was really hoping it was the same situation this time.

Unfortunately, it was not.
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Photo essay!
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Went home for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I couldn’t work on the house until Saturday, AKA Day 9.  However, I did some research on some things that I’d like to do later.  Here’s a brief rundown of the last couple days.

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Sorry Catherine, but not much to report today.  Got home from the lab at 10 tonight, and was pretty beat.  I did get a couple of things figured out.  First, Catherine and I discussed how to make the wire wall better, and we concluded that overlapping pictures would be pretty cool.  Then we extended that idea to have bunches of smaller wires at different heights.  When I actually looked at the wall, I decided that a crossword look would combine all of those things, and tie everything together.  So we’ll have horizontal and vertical wires, and try to have pictures in a row or column keep to one theme.

I also acquired some sand paper, which is useful for sanding things.  I bought it from a local hardware store called Lee’s.  Lee, and his associates, have never enjoyed selling anything to anyone.  As I said to Catherine after leaving, their motto should be, ‘Every transaction is a transgression’.  Nothing like supporting the local place.

Tomorrow might be difficult to get anything done, since I’m heading home for dinner and Thanksgiving.  Maybe I’ll have some time in the morning to add some new rows.  I think I’ll spend some time at home researching the on demand heating system and water pump.  Not sure if that’s going to be possible or not, but it might be nice to have a functional dish washer, and I think it would add some value to the house.  Hopefully I have some time this weekend to get some good stuff done.

Here’s a picture of my picture wire, which was really not what I was hoping for. I think a second row of pictures will make it look cooler, but I’m not sure. It also has this stupid flair on the right side, which makes the whole thing look not straight. I’m going to try to fix that right now. Haven’t given up hope, and think it can still look cool. Also kind of annoyed that there is a tremendous glare on the left side. It’s exacerbated by the flash, but still.

Make me better, please!

Also, here’s a link to the pictures we have up currently, which you might think are mostly of me, but I think of them as pictures that Catherine has taken of me. She’s a really good photographer.

Picassa Album