It ain’t easy being green

January 20, 2010

Here’s a quick story about a team with a lot of promise. They have a great defense with crazy defensive schemes that are hard to decipher. They have a good running attack, with a young quarterback who doesn’t have to do too much. Not like he has great receivers to throw to or anything, but even if he did, he wouldn’t have to throw to them too much, nor would that be encouraged. Instead, we just go out there and ask him to not throw too many interceptions, hand the ball off, make some nice screen passes (kind of like a handoff but longer), make about 2-3 key passes a game to a tight end or some middle of the road WR, and don’t react too much one way or the other. Also, since we’re not really asking him to do too much now, that will make it pretty impossible for him to figure out how to do those things later, but as long as they have a sturdy defense, that won’t matter too much.

Sure, they might not win this year. It’s going to be a tough championship game, on the road even, against a heavily favored juggernaut. But I bet they’ll keep it close, and they’ll get critical experience. That way, the next time they get to the championship game, they’ll take the next step. Yeah, this is looking like a decade in the sun for the boys in green.

-skiz (2001)

Enjoy a decade of mixed emotions, Jets fans.