Dear Eagles of the Twenty-ohs,
We had some good runs. You brought me hours of entertainment. I’ll never forget 4th and 26, getting to Super Bowl XXXIX, the accidental run in 2008, #1 overall in the NFC 3 years in a row, that first run to the NFC Championship and the heartbreaking loss, Brian Westbrook returning that punt against the Giants, any number of miraculous pocket escapes by McNabb, a Bringing the Heat defense that would have made Buddy Ryan proud, and of course, Weapon X.

I know it’s greedy to feel disappointed that we never won when teams like the Browns and Lions REALLY never won, but it’s hard not to. I’m really not sure what I’d tell my kids about you without that one defining moment of something.
In summary, you have me emotionally confused, Eagles of the Twenty-ohs. On one hand, you were something, but on the other, you were never THE something. In a football sense, you’ll probably end up being remembered like the early 90s Bills, the early 80s Chargers, or any number of teams that did something but not everything. In a Philadelphia sense, we’ll never know if you did more than you should have, or less. The damndest thing about sports is that only one team really wins, and some teams always seem to be the other team. History doesn’t always look fairly on the other team. I fear that history won’t truly reflect the excitement I felt watching all those games that really mattered in January. And that’s definitely worth something.

Here’s to a less confusing next decade.