November 15, 2010

I have some ideas about putting the word ‘jawn’ in some graphics. This is the second one I made. One note about it is that I cannot use that font if I put it on a t-shirt that I intend to sell. So I’m going to have to make my own comic book font at some point. After studying that one, I have a basic idea of what I need to do with it. Thoughts on this graphic are appreciated.



October 14, 2010

I know I’m late to the party, but I want to get a good handle on using the pen tool, for both Photoshop and Illustrator. I was thinking of a cool outline to create with the pen tool, and the United States came to mind. I actually think the cool part of this, when it’s complete, will not be that I created a nice looking US by only using the pen tool, but that I’ll show the evolution of it in 4 steps. That should be pretty easy to accomplish. I think I can just delete control points from the final version to complete the 3 previous versions. The first version should be a trapezoid, and the two intermediate versions should look kind of like the US, but pretty boxy. Here are the two ideas:
USA in four

USA in four doesn’t fit on the screen, so you have to click on the link. Not sure what I’ll fill in the US’s, or if I’ll fill them in at all.

Artistic Proofreading

October 11, 2010

Long time no blog. Some interesting life developments in the meantime, but that’s for another time.

I was reading a blog by a graphics guy the other day who has published a couple books, and he had some good tips about writing. He said his writing process was roughly like this:

    Write down his thoughts in a way that captured the base idea, without any regard for it being engaging or anything like that. Basically, a brain dump. He said that after this, he makes a PDF out of it, proofreads it for blatant grammatical errors and rewrites parts he hates. Then he puts it away.
    The next day he works on his book, he starts by proofreading the section he wrote during the previous session. At this point, he hopes that he has forgotten what was written. After that reading and proofreading, he said he usually feels ‘not ashamed’ of the work.
    Finally, show it to some reviewers, who still find some things.

Here’s the full blog entry for those interested.

When I write (or when I wrote since I haven’t done it in a while), I usually just throw down whatever comes to my mind, read it once, and publish it. This is because I am not attempting to write publishable books. I am usually trying to entertain about 10-15 people, and I figure they can cope with 3/4 formed ideas and some grammatical mistakes.

So this doesn’t exactly apply to what I’m writing, but I think it directly applies to my drawing. I’d like to make shirts that people would be willing to spend money on, so they can’t just be the result of 6 hours of whirlwind effort followed by 0 revision.

I think I’d like to use the blog to post some artwork and get feedback. A lot of it will be post Stage 1: rough, definitely not ready, but something that I’m only vaguely ashamed of. It also gives me a chance to put it down while I start creating something else. I can get some distance between what I just drew, and consider it objectively later, which is important.

Anyway, here’s the first such posting. I call it, ‘Alto Mexico’. I always thought it was funny that the US has California, and that Mexico has Baja California, meaning Lower California. There’s such a strong Mexican influence in Southern California, that it seems sometimes like Southern California is really Upper Mexico, hence Alto Mexico. The conclusion to this story is that when the Spanish ruled what is now California, the two sections were called Alta California and Baja California, for Upper and Lower California.

Any comments are appreciated. Specifically, I am colorblind, and have only a vague idea of what fonts are good at what. So rip away!

A new storyboard

January 12, 2010

Sometimes stuff just comes to me and I have to write it all out. Usually a song sets it off. After hearing a song a few times, I do what any normal person does, and create an animated music video that would go well to that song. Somewhere in this insane storyboard is that story, which is the tale of two satellites in the Cold War Era.

I think my walk to school is different from most people’s.
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Which is better

January 7, 2010

This is an idea that came to me while walking to school. I’ll leave it at that.

this one

or this one

das Shirts?

January 5, 2010

I think I’ll start making shirts out of some of my random scribblings. This has always been something I’ve been interested in, and since drawing is much easier now, and Zazzle makes it easy to upload and create shirts, away I go. This came to me while I was trying to scribble something for Lynne’s new tattoo (which didn’t really work out).

Rhythm is the bass, etc.

And here’s a link to the store where you can buy such fine merchandise:
das Zazzle

I strongly recommend the AmericanApparel shirts, but that’s probably because I’m a t-shirt snob. I’m sure others would be fine too.

More fun with tablet

December 29, 2009

While waiting for chimney repairs today, I just scribbled some stuff. The best part of the tablet is being able to do this. Again, not masterpieces, but this is how the movies start in my notebooks.
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