The bet

April 10, 2010

In non-money related gambling news, some early season baseball trash talking escalated into a pretty solid prop bet. My associate is a Red Sox fan, and makes typical AL centered comments. After some discussion, the following was decided:

1) whichever team advances further in the playoffs, the other guy has to shave the opposing team’s letter into his head. So i’d have to shave a B and he’d have to shave a P in his.
2) in the event that the Sox and Phils play in the World Series, the loser has to wear a Snuggie everywhere for one week. That means everywhere and in all circumstances (except showering).

We also have a buyout in case of a fluke injury or disaster. You have to draw a P or B on your face for 1 day, and it has to be before July 1st. After that, the bet’s the bet.

I kind of wish the Snuggie bet was for the team that advanced further, but oh well. I’ve already picked out the Snuggie for him, and he’s already discussed the purchase of the accompanying book light. Should be a good summer of shit talking.