A ton of my dream scenarios have been wiped off the board, but that’s OK. There’s still some good reasons to tune in to the World Cup, and in honor of Eggs and World Cup at the 23rd St office, here’s a rundown of Friday’s games.

  1. Netherlands vs. Brazil:  Brazil has been accused of being boring, even by Pele, their former legendary forward.  Yikes.  However, sometimes boring wins games (see Ravens circa 2000).  Also hard to deny a team with 5 World Cup wins, even if that’s a Ship of Theseus thing.  Meanwhile, the Orange were twice runners up, in 1974 and 1978, but have never won the whole thing.  They also don’t have any players with the name Ruud this year, which is disappointing. However Ruudless they might be, they have no shortage of firepower, and have yet to lose in the tournament, just like Brazil. It’s crazy that this game is just a quarterfinal game, and that the winner of this clash of titans is only in the semifinals. Game Time: Friday, 10AM EST. die Vorhersage das* Skiz: Netherlands 3 – Brazil 2
  2. Uruguay vs. Ghana: Ghana holds the last chance for a new continent to win the World Cup after Japan, South Korea, and the United States were bounced out in the Octofinals (in German, there is a word Achtelfinal, meaning the round of 16. It made me wonder why we don’t have such a word in English. Now we do.). Even though I absolutely despised the injury faking tactics Ghana employed in extra time, they did seem to be the better team for most of the game. I am pretty sure that will not be the case against Uruguay. Uruguay has only a draw against France as a blemish on its record, Suarez has looked absolutely ridiculous at times. In the global underdog sense, Uruguay was determined to be Least Corrupt in South America, which is probably something. They have a pretty good economy, and are decently well off. So they’re doing OK. Meanwhile, der Bruder alluded to the issues that plague Ghana, so they have the underdog card going for them (and hopefully if they lose, they’ll have a better fate awaiting them than a fellow African nation. Game Time: Friday 2:30PM, EST. die Vorhersage das Skiz: Uruguay 2 – Ghana 1.

Enjoy the games. Might run a live blog tomorrow during the Orange-Yellow Canaries battle. der Libanese will be watching tomorrow, and he’s a huge fan of the Canaries, so it should be entertaining when some guy not named Ruud scores against them.