Blogging from the train

April 1, 2010

Here’s something I could never do before: blog from the train. I’m digging the droid, although I have experienced the following problems:

1) the other day, my phone shut off and would not turn back on. It finally did after I removed the battery and turned the power on again. I’m a little worried about that, but no recurrences yet.
2) my external power transformer is not working correctly. I can charge via USB, but not when that plugs into a transformer that goes to the wall. Going to return that tomorrow.
3) I accidentally archive/mute my gmail stuff all the time. Bad design there. The archive button is easy to hit, and will immediately send you out, archiving your mail. You then have to search for it to unarchive it, which is annoying. A cancel option would be nice.

Some minor annoyances, but lots of plusses. Love the keyboard, love the screen, and shortly I’ll love my ‘I got five on it’ ringtone. Awesome.

One last item brought to my attention by Franny. I need to change my voicemail that currently states, ‘i absolutely hate phones…’. Good point, and I’ll do it this weekend. Can’t claim I hate phones anymore.