Everyone should try this game out, especially if you like puzzle adventures, like Monkey Island or Myst. This is like both of those smashed together.

Also, check out my friend Radrian’s blog. He has a real name, but I prefer Radrian. He found Machinarium. For me at least.



die Brille

November 19, 2009

neue Brille

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It’s the end of an era over here.  KDawg, who leads the league in comments, suggested that we go to a one column format.  I couldn’t take it anymore, so I agreed with him.  So here it is, the new das Skiz.
We’ll be trying to lay things out in a more sane manner, and making everything more visible, including recent posts which would sometimes get snowed under.  At the same time, we say goodbye to an experiment that had some fond memories, but has probably run its course.  As a final farewell to the old layout, we give you a Sunday Matchup, in the new format.  Click the jump to see the whole thing.

das Russland

October 3, 2009

Someone translated an article into Russian yesterday. I clicked on the referring link to see what that looked like. Awesome.

Wilkommen im Russland das Skiz

Wilkommen im Russland das Skiz

As we go from September to October, I’ll post some stats for the site. Everything that people enjoy somehow involves leveling up, like Mafia Wars or … actually I think the only thing people really enjoy is Mafia Wars according to Facebook. Anyway, writing a blog can be like leveling up. I check every day to see the articles people like, and see how many hits in general I have gotten. It will take some time to bring in any kind of real numbers, but das Skiz is starting to show up in Google Search results (more later), so I’ve been getting a decent amount of random traffic. That’s pretty cool. I’m trying to think of ways to increase that, and I know of some obvious things I can be doing. The problem is I usually just prefer writing to going to someone’s blog and writing an innocuous comment to try to drive more traffic. If I have something to say, I’ll say it, but it pains me to pimp myself out like that. Now, on to some stats.

Search Results
This has some really interesting results. I got 17 hits by way of search engine. 8 of them were related to Grandpa Jimmy. 2 searches were for das Skiz. And then we had some interesting ones. All of these received one hit:
harry kalas, “tom mccarthy”, spongetech scam, what otto von bismarck did bullet points, delaware parlay spread, pretend betting game, see you later auf deutsch.
I would like to apologize right now to the person who came to das Skiz because he searched for otto von bismarck bullet points. I hope to god he did not use what he found there. I also would like to know how my friend did betting in the Delaware parlay lottery, as well as the guy who was looking for a pretend betting game. And finally, I hope Tom McCarthy’s mom was not doing her monthly search for what her son was up to, because she probably hates me now.

Average Visits
In September, there were 946 views of das Skiz, with an average of 50 views per day. 99 hits was the most hit on one day, and 22 was the low point. I have a very small sample set, so it’s hard to draw many conclusions, but it looks like Sunday and Monday are popular days, but Saturday is definitely not. Good to see people are doing something that doesn’t involve a computer on Saturday.

I posted 47 articles in September. In a 30 day month, that would be a little over 1.5 per day. However, I started the blog on the 12th, so that’s a pretty blistering pace. Hopefully I can maintain it. I’ve been really enjoying writing. I’ve even picked writing over playing poker most evenings, which is probably very good in the long run.

Got a lot of comments, mostly from a dedicated few. Thanks to those guys. If there’s anything you particularly enjoyed, lemme know and I’ll do more of that thing. I enjoy doing the Sunday Matchup and the Monday Blowout, but if there’s something else you’d like to see more regularly, I can definitely oblige. I did a bunch of different articles this month, and I think I’ll keep doing that while I look for stuff I enjoy. And of course, I’m going to keep doing Auf Deutsch, bitte, until I can read and write well enough to start theskiz.de. No seriously.

Focused Content

September 25, 2009

It looks like das Skiz is being indexed by google now, and here are 3 searches that brought people to the site yesterday:

1) see you later auf deutsch
2) james shinoda ca
3) delaware parlay spread

So yeah. Unsurprisingly, if you type in das Skiz to google, dasskiz.com is the first link. I’m not sure what you’d be typing that in for, but the important part is that I’m first in something.

das Skiz recipe, the prelude

September 21, 2009

I plan to do a full, 3 column triptych blog on das Skiz, the drink. But for now, check out the recipe. I would suggest trying one tonight. I mean, there’s no time like the present. And besides, nothing makes a Monday Night Blowout better than some Monday Night Beer. Enjoy!

das Skiz