Orange vs. Canary Yellow: Live Blog

July 2, 2010

Here we are in the 23rd St. office for this morning’s game. Der Libanese and I have eaten breakfast and we’re 20 minutes in to the game. I’ll try to keep up with the action a little better now. Internet was out this morning. It’s 1-0 Yellow Canaries at the moment, and needless to say der Libanese is excited.

10:26AM Brazil is wearing their blue jerseys, which der Libanese tells me guarantees victory. 6 minutes in they score. Der Libanese bows.

10:33AM Keeper for Netherlands just poked away a great shot from Kaka which followed from some great passing. Brazil definitely looks better right now.

10:40AM Der Libanese and I just finished a conversation about life with a job. He thinks he’ll be able to be free to take trips, buy things, or save money. I disagree. Game remains at 1-0 through 42 minutes. Not too much action, beside the first goal and Kaka’s deflected try.

10:47AM Half time here. I think the Dutch have maybe 1 shot on goal. There are Blue Canaries everywhere when the Orange come down. Brazil has really only had a few chances as well. Here’s the breakdown on the first goal. Basically the Dutch evacuated the middle, and Kaka found Robinho wide open. Without looking he put it on net and past the keeper. I thought it was amazing that he had scored without looking, but der Libanese says that’s the only way to do it, because if you look up, the keeper will look so huge that you’ll definitely hit him. Sweet goal.

10:53AM Analysts talking about the goal making it sound like a pretty monumental defensive collapse. Overhead view would confirm that. Pretty amazing breakdown on the game’s biggest stage. One of the analysts is Ruud Gullit, who I linked to in yesterday’s post. I imagine he was swearing a good bit while they watched the game in studio.

10:56AM Der Libanese believes that twitter, blogs, and most status updates are stupid. He then mentioned that he always has facebook running. Interesting.

11:11AM Goal for the Orange. Kind of a fluky play. A pass towards the center which just kind of went in. Brazilian defender and keeper collided, which let the ball go through. Game will probably shift back to attacking for both sides.

11:16AM Der Libanese is blaming facebook for that last goal. I am blaming the goalkeeper and defenseman for colliding with each other. 10:1 underdogs are back in the game.

11:20AM Brazil is going to have to actually do something offensively now, which they have not really been doing much of. Here’s a little bit of offense now, but the shot is wide by Kaka.

11:23AM Netherlands ran a trick play a while ago that I forgot to mention. On the corner, the guy just tapped it, pretending like someone else was going to play it, and then he streaked towards goal. However, Brazil was not falling for it. As I’m typing this, the Orange just put home an amazing double header goal off a corner. Really amazing. From the corner, off one head, off Sneijder’s head, and in. Wow. Brazil now trailing 2-1, so they’ll have to turn it on. They’ve really made a mess of this game after taking a lead in the 10th minute.

11:30AM Felipe Melo just got sent off for stepping on Robben. It was pretty blatant, and the ref saw it from far away. Melo is the best player on the Netherlands this morning, having scored the own goal, not marking Sneijder on his header, and getting a red card here in the 74th minute. Going to be hard for Brazil to come back now down a man, but not impossible.

11:32AM Der Libanese has gotten pretty uptight, as his side is in a lot of danger here. He has said, ‘Felipe Asshole’ several times, and has stated that he won’t be buying his jersey. Tough to watch.

11:37AM Brazil showing a little something here, although they are taking some risks to do so. A minute ago, Wesley Sneijder had a pretty clean look at the goal, but sort of juggled it a bit. Could have made it 3-1. Two consecutive dangerous corners for Brazil, and somehow they didn’t score. Tension has increased dramatically.

11:41AM Back and forth insane action right now. Sneijder just had a shot saved, which turned into a break for Brazil and Kaka had a shot get deflected wide. The resulting corner was poor, and it’s a goal kick for the Netherlands. Still 2-1, and still insane.

11:44AM “2 minutes left in the campaign…” says der Libanese. Kuyt just had a ridiculous breakaway, stopped by an even more ridiculous tackle by Juan. Brazil has a free kick now, deep in Orange territory. Might be the last chance…

11:46AM Straight into the wall. Ball is played back in with some crazy knuckling action, but it’s headed down and kicked behind by the Blue Canaries. I am not sure how Brazil hasn’t scored here. They are really applying pressure, and the Orange are bending quite a bit.

11:48AM 1 minute left in injury time. Der Libanese is pretty broken. Netherlands could have made this game 3 or 4 to 1, but they keep blowing decently easy chances. Full time now. The Orange win, and 10:1 pays. Too bad der Bruder didn’t have money in bodog, and too bad gambling isn’t legal. Crazy second half with 2 goals and back and forth action. Watch in on ESPN3 if you have a chance, just skip ahead to the 2nd half.


8 Responses to “Orange vs. Canary Yellow: Live Blog”

  1. Robin Says:

    It is my understanding that the Orange were 10-1 this morning. Good thing I don’t have bodog back yet.

  2. Robin Says:

    Not sure if live blogging works with soccer. Not enough continuous action to write about.

  3. Robin Says:

    They called that last one an “own goal”. Seem fair?

    • thepolishpistol Says:

      Yeah, off a Brazilian head and in. Sneijder’s kick was in the right direction, but Brazil finished it up.

  4. Robin Says:

    Will the threat of not buying a jersey hold up? I can think of many people who said terrible things about Mitch Williams, and now you can buy his jersey, and people are. Do you think he will keep to his promise?

    • thepolishpistol Says:

      Yes, I’m pretty sure. I don’t think there are too many good times memories about Felipe Melo.

  5. Robin Says:

    Stupid Bodog. I’ll fix them!!

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