Down to 6

July 2, 2010

Matches today were pretty awesome. The Dutch pulled off a stunner, keeping alive my dream of the Aachen-Vaals border war. Die Katze and I lived one kilometer from the Dutch border in Germany, so the old home would be right in the middle of it all. Sensational second half from the Orange, who scored twice to knock out the 5 time champs, which is no small feat.

They’ll play Uruguay, who won in what can only be considered a heartbreaker for the Ghanains. The Black Stars missed a penalty kick on the absolute last play of extra time that would have given them the match. They had a penalty kick because Uruguay forward Suarez deliberately used his hands to keep out a sure goal. He was given a red card and will not be allowed to play in the next match. However, it turned out to be a game saver because the PK was missed, and Uruguay won the game in the PK shootout. Might be a while before the Ghanains get over that one. They would have been the first African nation in the semifinals (pretty sure about that).

I like the Dutch to beat the Suarezless Uruguayans in the semis. I think they are the better team, and they have the momentum of having beaten Brazil. Uruguay will still have Forlan, but I don’t think he’ll be enough to get them past the Orange.

Still 2 Viertefinal games left, with Germany gegen Argentina tomorrow, and Paraguay against Spain. Since I was 2 for 2 today, I will attempt to ruin my streak and guess these two games. I like Germany in the morning game, but that is largely a sentimental pick. I think they are very evenly matched, but I think Oezil will make the difference. Germans take it 2-1.

I like Spain in the later game. I just don’t think Paraguay will be able to keep Spain away for 90 minutes, and will have to take some chances on offense, leading to some breaks for Spain. Two goals for David Villa, and Spain takes it 2-0.

Enjoy the games!


2 Responses to “Down to 6”

  1. KDawg Says:

    They give out red cards for plain old rule infractions? That’s pretty wild. Seems like pass interference in the end zone or non goalie covering the puck in the crease.

  2. Robin Says:

    Is this the longest time break there has been between going from 6 teams to the finals? It has been almost 2 weeks now.

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