Something big

December 2, 2009

My brother sent me this on Monday:

Attached is the top 25 QBs in order of career attempts, along with their attempts per INT. 25th place has 4519 pass attempts. Donovan has by far the highest ratio. As a comparison, the best in the history of the game is Aaron Rodgers who only has 976 attempts, but completes 51.3 passes between interceptions, and the worst is HOFer Arnie Herber, who threw at an amazing rate of 11 attempts per INT.

One thing became another, and pretty soon I was creating spreadsheets, charts, paragraphs, etc. It turned into a full blown investigation of Attempts per INT, past and present. And in the middle of all that, I realized that I couldn’t just talk about Attempts per INT. I had to go even bigger than that. There were so many other things that have changed so significantly, and I feel like they were all worth mentioning. After stopping at 130AM, I laid in bed contemplating what the thesis of this whole thing will be, and I think I finally arrived on something.

Something big. But it’ll be a while.


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